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Related article: Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 07:45:44 -0600 From: Brian Suddards Subject: African Kid 13African BoyDisclaimer: This is fiction. It deals with male to male sex between consenting adults. If it is illegal to read this type of story in the State or Province you live. You should leave this site now:Chapter 13.I spent almost three hours clearing the junk from my emails. Then waded through all the other more important stuff. I wanted to continue but jet lag finally got to me and I headed up for some much needed sleep.I had not heard a peep out of my sons all afternoon. I stopped at the second bedroom and looked inside. Onou and Devine were asleep on the bed. An arm around each other. They looked so peaceful I quietly entered and walked over and looked at the two boys. Nude on the bed, their nice cocks now resting, I could not really believe they were both mine. I leaned over and kissed Onou on the cheek. He reached out and pulled Devine closer. Devine just nestled into Onou. When I kissed Devine, a slight smile crossed his lips and he snuggled even closer to Onou.I walked through attached bathroom and into my Bedroom. Steven was sprawled corner to corner on the huge bed. I slipped off my shorts and underwear. I carefully sat on the bed next to him. Sleeping with one hand over his head and one knee bent, displayed his prefect body. So smooth and handsome. It was hard to believe that six inch soft cock lying between his spread legs could get so huge. The long foreskin showing now disappeared when he was hard. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. HE moaned and his pink tongue came out and licked his lips.The other feature of Steven's wonderful body was his tits. They stuck out so much and were so large, Devine told him once if they got bigger we would have to buy him a bra. I leaned over and sucked on the left tit. A moan and a shudder shook Steven. I looked at his face, but he was still asleep. When I looked at his cock it had grown considerably. I guess it was true, the tits were really connected to his dick. I leaned farther over and swirled the other nub in my mouth. Another shudder shook his body and I watched fascinated as his cock got harder. Very soon it moved around and now lay along his tight abs. The huge mushroom head sliding out of Preteen Nudity the foreskin. MY resistance all but gone, I leaned down and gently lifted the head and slipped it into my mouth. Weather by instinct or automatic reaction he rolled on his side and pushed more of his Preteen Nudity cock into my mouth. I just let it slide in and down my throat. I am sure he was only half awake when he reached out and pulled my cock into his warm mouth. I pushed forward and he did the same. I knew he was awake when he rolled, putting me under him. All his weight came down on his cock and it was forced to the deepest recess of my throat. In this position and now aware he started to fuck my face in long slow strokes. He had stopped sucking me as he concentrated on fucking my face."Oh Dad it feels good."He started to speed up and when I opened my eyes I could see his pulled up balls almost on my nose with each thrust. Then he just dropped his pelvis onto my face. His balls mashed my face, and I felt his cock pumping his sperm into me. I'm sure it went directly into my stomach. When he stopped he collapsed on top of me. With his cock still buried, I could not breath. Finally before I was smothered with that cock I pushed him on his side and slipped his cock out of my throat. He went back to sucking my cock as I licked the dribbles of cumm still streaming from his cock. With him worrying my cock it did not take long before I just Preteen Nudity pushed into his throat and unloaded. After I pulled out I turned and pulled Steven close. We kissed and then both of us now totally warn out slipped into dreamland.I was very sure I was dreaming of having one of my boys fucking me. AS I tried to focus my eyes I saw a black body on top of me and felt a thick black cock sliding into me. I was sure it was Steven until I got my eyes into focus. Onou was on top sliding his 8 inches into my hole. His eyes were closed as he pumped my ass. I turned my head and saw Devine on his knees in front of Steven. Steven wasn't hard but Devine was swallowing quickly. It became apparent what Steven had done when he stepped back and couple of drops of piss dripped off his cock. Devine stood and Steven dropped onto his cock and Devine pissed in Steven's mouth. After they were done they turned toward the bed. They saw that I had been watching."Oops." Devine said."We're sorry Father, but we like to do that for each other. Onou does it too.""Look boys I don't care what each of you enjoy. Don't let me stop you."Cool." Steven said.Both boys came over beside me. IT didn't bother me that I kissed both boys even if the last thing in their sweet mouths was piss. I idly wondered what they tasted like. If it was something they liked, maybe I would too. Have to try it sometime. After Onou came inside Devine mounted me. HE hammered at my ass in fast short strokes. I slowly jacked Steven's cock, as I felt Devine inside me. Steven knew what I wanted, and as soon as Devine pulled out he got behind my splayed legs. When he entered me the sheer pleasure I felt as that thick cock slid along the membranes of my ass almost made me swoon. Steven started slow and slowly built up speed. Each stroke was like a bolt of electricity inside me. I never wanted it to end. Soon the only sound was the slap, slap, slap of his balls hitting my ass cheeks. When Steven finally blew he pulled out and with Onou's help flipped me onto my knees. I figured I was going to get it doggy style now. Instead Devine dived under my butt and pulled me back. I almost jumped out of the bed when I felt Devine's tongue entering my hole. Damn it felt so good I just pressed my ass down on his harder. After a few minutes I rolled off Devine. He sat up with a grin a mile wide on his face."That was great Dad, I tasted all of us." He then kissed Onou and then Steven. Both boys smacked their lips."Does taste good." Onou, followed by Steven said.Not caring I pulled Devine down and kissed him. Running my tongue inside his mouth. All three boys were mixed in the Taste. I thought I would be repelled by the taste of my own butt, but it really was a nice flavor."Not bad Devine. Thank you Son for showing me more of what you boys like. I'll try some of the things. I want us all to equal in this loving partnership.""You don't have to do us Dad. I learned to do it along time before I met you. The others sort of tried it once after I did them. Now we all like it, but don't mind if you don't."Well I'll see.""There some things we won't do, but we know we keep our insides clean, so its only us that ends up there."Okay. Now Preteen Nudity how about some real food?"We walked down to my kitchen and quickly made sandwiches. WE took them to the big screened in veranda and sat down. We had not bothered even to dress. Didn't matter the nearest neighbor was almost 200 meters away. After our snack I took them down to the walled pool. I flipped on the underwater lights and started the whirl pool. The part about not swimming after eating, I always though an old wives tale. It had never bothered me. I just dove in and swam to the end. All three jumped in too and swam up beside me. For the next hour it was who could dunk who the most. I think I got ganged up on the most. We finally went up and sat in the hot tub.Sitting in the hot water relaxed us very quickly. I finally called it a day and headed back up to our bedrooms. Onou and Devine went into the second bedroom as Steven followed me. As we cuddled on the bed, Steven asked me to fuck him."Can we wait until morning? I am so bushed I don't think I could get it up.""Sure Dad." He snuggled closer. Our legs and arms intertwined.Talk about out like a light. I think I was asleep almost as fast as I closed my eyes.The first thing I noted when I woke up was that I had a real piss hard on. As I rolled over to get out of bed, Steven murmured."Ready already Dad.""Got to piss first love.""Let me do that Dad. Devine and Onou said they did it for you once.""Okay, but on one condition. I get to try yours. I may not like it but if you boys like it, I'll try.""Okay Dad." Steven took my cock into his mouth.I had a hard time starting, but when I finally did it was a flood. Steven just swallowed it down, like he was drinking ordinary water. After he was done I gingerly took his soft cock into my mouth. He let go slowly and it was not as bad as I thought. I figured I could do this. At least then I would be making my boys more happy. AS I finished, I stood and kissed Steven."Your not bad tasting Son. I'll do the other boys too if that is what you guys want.""You taste good too Dad."I pulled Steven into the bathroom and into the shower. It was big enough that if all my boys had been awake they could all shower at the same time. WE cleaned each other out and then washed each other. We were just finishing when my other two came in. As Onou stepped toward the can I pulled him away and knelt down."You don't have to that Father.""Onou, I did it for Steven and now I am going to do both you and Devine."Onou just shook his head as he pushed his cock into my mouth. It was a bigger flood than Steven and quite a bit saltier. No matter I swallowed it all. As he stepped back I pulled Devine over and drained him as well. His was more like water than the other two. I stood and kissed both."Now were equal and I will do you boys all the time."I pushed both into the shower. "Get cleaned up, inside and out and go rustle up some breakfast. I owe Steven from last night."Both climbed into the shower as I took Steven by the hand.No matter how many times I screwed these boys, it was like the first time. Steven was in heaven as I pumped my cock in and out of him. IT took quite a while before I could fill him with my seed. When I pulled out I did as Devine had done the night before. I ran my tongue up into his hole. Damn it did feel sweet as I licked his dripping hole. He squirmed on the bed.I finally came up for air and Steven almost dove onto my mouth to kiss me."Wow! That felt so good Dad. I got to try it on you sometime.""What ever you all like son. I guess we are all going to learning new things."WE went to the bathroom and cleaned each other up. Then dressed in shorts and t-shirts.MY cook and butler already had breakfast on the table when we got downstairs."So what do you planned for today Spence?" Gary asked."Well I think I will drive into Washington and show the boys the monuments. IF your not busy tomorrow, could you take them to the Smithsonian, I have a meeting at the Pentagon.""My Pleasure Boss.""Your house account still okay?""Yes. If you're going to be away again for a while you might top it up.""Well I have to go to Seattle and LA. And I guess I should see my broker and Accountant in New York.""I meant if you're out of the Country.""That's no problem Gary. I'll make sure everything is topped up before I head back to South Africa. I'll only be here for about three weeks. Just long enough to give the boys a quick tour and clean up some business.""Limo tomorrow?""Yes."Gary told me he and his boyfriend would be away the rest of the day, but there were lunch and dinner already set up. Just need to pop them in the oven for fifteen minutes before eating.He left after breakfast, leaving me with three smiling boys.We dressed in cargo shorts and underwear, with t-shirts. They grabbed their cameras and we took off to see some of the sites in Washington. Steven had asked why under pants. I told him to hide his monster equipment.We climbed to the top of the Washington Memorial and Visited Lincolns Tomb. WE had hot dogs for lunch before visiting Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The boys thought the soldiers looked funny the way they did things. Very late in the afternoon we returned home, quite tired. Well I was tired, my boys could have gone on longer. A quick dip in the pool followed by Gary's great dinner, we settled down in the big den and watched TV. I drank bourbon while the boys stuck with beer. I watched bemused as Steven drained Devine. They no longer worried about what I thought. To be honest watching these three just slowly turned me on. I could never keep up with and that I guess they knew too. When Onou got up to head for the can, I called him over and drank his piss again. Having that cock in my mouth got me hard and I just continued after I emptied him again. Didn't take Steven long to slip under Onou and pull out my cock to suck. Onou was holding my head gently as he moved in and out. On one of his inward strokes I grabbed his thighs and pulled him hard into my mouth. From then on, with both hands holding my head he hammered his cock into my mouth and throat. As he started to blow, I held him deep and shot my load into Steven."God Father. How come you like it like that?""I guess I love my mouth abused like I like my ass.""Sometimes Dad, we're scared we will hurt you.""Well you might if you tried to stick two cocks in me at the same time, but I'm sure I can handle one at a time.""Well maybe two soft ones." Devine laughed."I tried to suck both guys once, but two are just too big." Onou said."Well I did once have three guys fucking my face. What they did was as one pulled out another went in. With three it was like I had three different cocks in my mouth at the same time. Of course I was much younger then. I almost drowned when they blew one after another. Even came out my nose. ""We all could try that sometime Dad. Take turns sucking." Steven said."So my senior Son, have you three decided who gets my butt tonight?""I guess Dad we have a little confession to make. We all love you completely, but Devine and I want to be partners. WE still want to be in your bed lots and we love what you do for us, but I guess I'm really in love with Devine.""You think I am the transparent one. Boys I knew that a long time ago. I love you all equally, but if you two want to partners, I am very happy for both of you.""We're not faulting you Dad, but we also know how much you love Steven. I guess like Devine and me, your in love with him.""Your right and I guess if he wasn't already my Son, I would ask him to marry me."Steven walked over, tears streaming down his face. I pulled him into my arms."I hoped for that when I knew I was in love with you Dad." He cried."If you did that then he would be our father too." Devine laughed."So lets marry each other Dad. It might Preteen Nudity not be legal, but it would cement our selves together.""Why not?" I got up and looked for the prayer book among my assorted library. Finding it I went to the Christian marriage ceremony.WE went through the ceremony and Steven said his vows to Me as I said them to Steven. Then we did it again as Onou said them to Devine and Devine said them to Onou. Then we kissed each other."You guys will have to buy each other a ring."We celebrated with white wine and drank a toast to each other."Dad, what do we use for money? All ours is in Clanwilliam.""Never fear boys. I have already set up accounts for you with my bank in New York. Tomorrow afternoon I'll get you bank cards and when we go to New York, I'll get you all a credit card too. Then you can spend as much as you want. Don't worry about ever being broke again. The account is automatically topped up each month after your credit card bill is paid.""Are you that rich Dad?""Yes boys I am that rich. But I hope you don't get to carried away. You could if you wanted charter a jet or a yacht and the money would be there for you. Remember one thing. I love you three with all my heart and soul and will do anything to make you happy. Forever if necessary.""Dad you made us the happiest guys in the world already. Just being able to call you our Father is best of all." Devine said."Well having three wonderful Sons like you make me the happiest Father in the whole wide world."I saw a look of mischief on Divines face."Dad, because we are sort of married now, could Onou and I adopt Sons too?"I burst out laughing."Planning on building your own little harem Son?""Well no, but I know two boys that would love to be our sons.""Your talking about Harry and Henry?""Yes and no. There's other boys that are orphans near where your Resort is going to be."That was something I had not thought about. Word got around fast that I had adopted the three boys and I just bet there were others boys hoping it might happen to them. Big problem was the State Department. No way were they going to allow several more boys to become US Citizens as easy as I had my three. Had to be a solution, but would need to really think on it. Biggest problem was I was Gay and as sure as hell, as soon as I applied to get more younger boys in the country, people were going to be thinking either pedophile or worse. MY name was already mud in some quarters. Having 13- 17 years old boys at my house would or could bring the FBI down on me like a ton of bricks. So anything I did would have to be in South Africa."Look guys we are going to have to look real careful about adopting any boys.""Dad I was really just kidding." Devine said."Well you brought another thought into my head and I really would like to do more for orphans in South Africa.""Especially the Gay black ones." Steven said."Yes exactly." I said.A couple hours later we headed for bed. For the next three hours Steven and I tried everything almost. I even put my head over the edge of the bed and had Steven fuck my face, telling him as hard as he could. I guess I wanted to feel his cock in my stomach if it would reach. My jaw ached like crazy by the time he came, but I loved every second. He wanted me to do the same. What a rush. He fucked me and blew a great load inside that I sucked out of him. Then I did the same and he rimmed me. We shared with each other. Very early we finally got to sleep.The next day was hell for me. Grilled by dumb Generals over stuff I had no control over really pissed me off. I had not submitted a single bill for the new radar under development by one of my companies and yet they were talking cost overruns. I finally told them to talk about overruns when they got my bill. I also said I could just cancel the whole project. I would lose several millions in development costs, but they would be fucked for the new radar. It shut them up pretty quick. I said I would send the technical guys to go over everything with them. Four fucking hours wasted.Gary picked me up at the Pentagon and I went to the Chase Manhattan bank to get the boys bank cards. Then we went to Aerospace museum.Here at least I could answer most of their questions. A really good tour took almost three hours. Tired and warn out we headed home. Gary was Bar-B-Cuing tonight. Steaks, baked potatoes, salad and baked Alaska for desert. They almost inhaled the meal. Gary cleared up as I took my boys to the pool to relax.WE were all nude when Gary brought out a cooler with cold beer. He looked at Steven."My God is that real." Seeing Steven's long thick cock."Every square millimeter of it." I laughed."That's got to be the biggest dick I have ever seen on a guy that small.""Look, but don't touch. Only one man for me Gary." Steven smiled."You boys never have to worry about me. I love my boyfriend more than anything in the world. I also like my job here. Spence is the best boss one could ever have.""He's a great Dad too Gary.""You might find this surprising boys. I have never had sex with Spence. He hired me and laid down the ground rules. I have never broken my word to him. We have had some awesome parties here, where everyone, including me and my boyfriend were nude all night. I have never touched one his guests without his permission. That will never change."I watched as all three boys went up and kissed Gary and thanked him.Gary retreated with a tear in his eyes.No sex this particular night. Steven and I just slept in each others arms. The same routine as followed in the morning except Devine and Onou did each other.This morning I again drove the big Tahoe SUV. First stop State Department. Time to thank Sandy and introduce him to my three Sons. We were quite a sight walking down the halls of the State Department. We walked into the office of African Affairs and up to the desk. The secretary looked up and then did a double take."May I help you.""Is Sandy available? I don't have an appointment.""Your name Sir?""Spence, Spencer Hamilton."He pushed a button the intercom.A Mr. Hamilton to see you sir.""Send him in Sarah."Sandy was coming around his file covered desk when we walked into his office."Spence it is really good to see you." He shook my hand warmly."Sandy, these are my three new Sons.""Let me guess. Onou, Devine and Steven. Your pictures don't do you justice. You are very handsome boys." He shook each boys hand."Sit down, sit down. Coffee?""We're fine Sandy. I just came to thank you for your help.""Spence you don't know the half of it. Before I could even make enquiries, the Secretary stormed into my office and practically gave me carte blank to help you all I could. What you have done in South Africa has opened up several new doors for both the State and Justice Departments. Your charges against the White Supremacists party is making the lights burn very bright these days.""Well if I have more clout now, how about this? How difficult is it to bring people here on student Visas to go to school?""Got someone in mind Spence?" Sandy smiled.I knew what Sandy was thinking. He knew I was Gay and he also knew my three Sons were more than just my Sons. Was I now asking him to let me sponsor more gay boys to come to the US?""Before you think I am trying to build some kind of Harem filled with black gay boys, I'll tell you what I have in mind. There are several hundred orphaned boys in South Africa. I'm building a first class resort. Preteen Nudity Now I think I am also going to build an orphanage near that resort. I have plenty of land. Some of course could work at the resort, but I also want them all to get educated. After reaching a level of ability or schooling in South Africa, I would like it if I could enroll them here in university, if they so choose.""Wow! You have been thinking." Sandy smiled again."Just for argument sake, how many of these orphaned boys are Gay?" "I honestly don't know. Would it matter?""Not really, but if it is attached to your name it might.""I see.""Onou, how far did you get in school?""Only grade ten Father.""Devine?""Grade six.""Steven?""I have a grade twelve diploma." He beamed."See Sandy. I am going to be South Africa for a while. I figure I will get my own boys more education. Then if they want to go to University, I can enroll them here. I just want to have the same ability to that for any other boys that want to advance themselves. I would of course Sponsor any boy that wanted to get a degree in the US.""Spence, it's a great idea. However, anything attached to your name might have consequences for you.""Sandy, I don't really give a flying fuck what people think of me. I haven't in the past and I am sure as hell not going to change in the future.""Spence, I don't really see a major problem. Got a University in mind?" He smiled."You already know the answer to that. Sandy, I have a huge home, with ten bedrooms. A cook and butler and housekeeper. The house is stones throw from Georgetown. The cook and house keeper hardly work anymore. Eight students would be no burden. So living quarters, food and someplace to study. They could walk to school.""Question I have is how are you going to talk Georgetown into letting several foreign Students in to the University. They are not usually open to foreign students.""Well you told me I had more money than God. I could set up an endowment fund with the University to cover all the students that were allowed to learn there. Providing the Students only came from Africa.""Jesus, you really think the Governor of the school would go for that?""Are you kidding? What University in the Country would turn down a twenty five million dollar check?""See your point. Well you set it up and we can make sure your students have Visa's. The Secretary will just sign off on it anyway.""Am I that important?""Pretty much Spence."Sandy picked up his phone and dialed."IS the Secretary available? I have Spencer Hamilton in my office."A few minutes later."Thank you, I`ll bring them right over.""Come on Spence. The Man will see you now."We walked out of his office and down to a bank of elevators. After entering one we headed up to the top floor. WE had to show Preteen Nudity our ID's to two guards before we were ushered into the Secretary of States outer office. Here six staffers were working. One stood up and opened a double door."Mr. Hamilton Sir." He indicated for us to enter and closed the door.The Secretary looked up at the five of us. He remained at his huge desk."Spencer Hamilton, you are at the moment the darling of the State Department. You really do have as much money as God and when that new Radar for the Navy goes into production you will have a whole lot more. I expect your already filling Sandy's brain with more schemes. Don't get me wrong, what you did for us in South Africa is of immeasurable value. I just wanted to meet the man who turned the South African Government and the State Department on their ears or better word would be butts. My butt, was one and to be honest I hate getting it slapped by the President.""One thing you did not know of course was that Gooseman was wanted here too, by Justice.""From what Justice has told me, the very worst Gooseman can get in South Africa is three years in jail. So we are applying to extradite him here after his sentence is up. He's wanted here for inciting racial hatred, which is a class two felony. That is worth up to life.""So, I have been ordered to formally thank you on behalf of the United States Government."He got up and walked around his desk. He stuck out his hand, which I shook."So these must be your three new Sons." "Yes Sir. This is Onou, Devine and Steven."He shook all their hands too."Sandy, what ever this man wants make sure he gets it.""Yes Sir." Sandy said."Thank you for coming." We were dismissed.Back in the hall I chuckled."I don't think he likes me Sandy.""He doesn't like anybody who can spend money like you do and buy their way out of almost any situation. If it wasn't for your defense contracts, it might be a different story.""Thanks Sandy. I can't thank you enough for what you did.""Just give me warning next time." He laughed. Oh yeah keep a job open. I might need it.""Sandy, just say the word I'll put you into a million dollar a year job managing all my companies and contracts.""Boy, that's almost too good to turn down.""Well your next boss might not be as kindly.""True and from what I have heard the President just might not win his second term."I mulled that over as we left State and headed home. Every body was screaming for cuts to defense, which would really effect my bottom line. Back home I told the guys to pack for two weeks."Where we going Dad?" Onou asked."New York first, then Seattle and LA.""More business Dad?""Don't worry guys, I'll always make time for you. One day of business in New York Preteen Nudity and then we can do what ever you want for three days. We will have four days in Seattle and the rest of the time in California. Disneyland is in Anaheim.""You guys get comfortable. I have a few phone calls to make. I'll meet you at the pool in 30 minutes."I gave each a quick kiss and headed for my office. I booked us on the commuter train to New York. Then called Defense International and arranged to have a car at the Station with a couple of guys to watch my sons while I was in the meetings in the afternoon. Next I called my Accountant and told him to have my lawyer and broker in his office for one o'clock tomorrow. Last I called the Hilton and booked a penthouse suite for four days. Done I sat back.I stood up and stripped. Down to skin, I grabbed a bourbon and wandered down to the pool. All three boys were in the pool. I sat down on the edge and watched them. Watching them I knew what they were doing. Devine was standing, while one at a time first Onou would go under water. After a bit he would come up and Steven would go under. They were sucking Devine off under water. I saw Divine shake all over and knew Steven had just got Devine's load. He came up and smacked his lips. Then they all saw me and swam over."Different eh Devine?" I said."Wow Dad it was really weird feeling.""I did that to a guy once scuba diving. We were about 20 feet under water. When he came it was like a fire hose. The pressure made his balls shoot harder I guess.""That would be cool to try." Onou said."Well tell you guys what. After California, we'll go to Florida. I know a guy with a boat and he can teach you how to scuba dive. We can all try it then.""Cool." They said."Is it same guy you did Dad?""As a matter of fact it is.""Were you guys lovers? Preteen Nudity Steven asked."Not lovers, just two guys who loved to suck and fuck. You'll like him I think."Gary served us dinner by the pool. Another of his culinary delights. Gary was a hell of a chef. He never batted an eye as Steven sat beside me playing with my cock as we sipped ice cold beer."Gary, how would like to play host for a half dozen black students from Africa?""Sure Spence. We have lots of room. Eddy and I can probably help with their studies too. So when does this take place? I'll need some notice so we can get the other bedrooms aired out and ready." "Don't rush into anything yet. It's just an idea I have. I'll give you plenty of notice. Can you run us to AMTRAC tomorrow morning around 7?""Sure boss, I'll have breakfast ready by six." He then left us alone."How did you meet Gary Love?" Simon asked."He sort of came with the house. The couple that owned this house before had Gary working for them. When I bought the Company the man had, this house was part of deal. The old couple had only used the den, one bedroom and the small dinning room. The rest were closed up. When I first came here I ordered all the rooms be brought up to perfect condition. Gary did not know I was Gay, but I had done a complete background check on him. I told him if he ever hit on one of my friends, I'd drown him in the pool. He told me the house did not have a pool. So I said I would still drown him it after I had one installed. I also told him and his boyfriend could move into servants quarters over the garage. I said I would pay him 100 grand a year as long as I was happy and my guests or boyfriends were."He's been with me for ten years."By now Steven had got my cock hard."Well you got it up, are you going to finish the job?"Steven lifted one leg over my lower body, he lifted up, centered my cock on his hole and sat down. He moans I absolute pleasure as my cock slid into his ass."Father, love that feels so good."He began to bounce slowly up and down my cock. Man he could drive me so wild. I watched as Onou threw Devine to the hard cement deck around the pool. Devine cried in pain as his bare knees hit the concrete. Onou ripped the Speedos off Devine and in one thrust entered him. The scream of pain from Devine deflated my cock and I pushed Steven off. Livid at the way Onou was treating Devine, I made three quick steps over to the boys and pulled Onou out of Devine. I tossed him in the pool and pulled Devine around and into my lap."Father? What? What's wrong?" He looked at me."I'd never treat the one I love as he just did. Are you alright?""Oh Father, we're sorry. It was my turn to be sub today. We always try something different each day. Neither of us know what is coming. I'm okay, Onou would never hurt me."Onou climbed out the pool smiling."Sorry Father, didn't mean to make you mad at me."I just sat and shook my head. I had just screwed up again."I'm sorry boys; I Preteen Nudity thought Onou was hurting you and I overreacted.""So what's this Dom, Sub stuff?""Well, we sort of figured out we like to spice things up a bit. It's nor really that one of us a sub or Dominant but it's fun to play it out.""Sorry I interrupted your fun boys."I pulled Steven in close."Now where were we love?"Steven took my hand and pulled me over to one of the deck loungers. He pushed me down and dropped onto my cock. As soon as he had me back up, he climbed on top of me slipped my cock back into his nice bottom."About here love."He kissed me as he slowly slid up and down Preteen Nudity on my cock. Damn it felt so nice, his smooth insides and muscles massaging my cock. He didn't take long until my load splashed up inside him. He just relaxed then as we necked.As we necked I could feel the internal muscles inside his butt massaging my cock. The heat of insides along with the squeezing was getting Preteen Nudity me hard."Make me your cock slut Love." He moaned.I surprised at his words, but knew what he wanted. I sat up, wrapping my arms tightly around him. I stood carefully, he weighed damn near as much as I did. I walked slowly to one of the grassy areas around the pool and gently lowered him to the grass, careful to keep him on my cock. I pushed his legs back. With both arms now holding his legs back I started to hammer my cock in and out of him."Harder love, harder." He moaned.After almost thirty minutes, sweat poured off me. As I got close, I pulled out grabbing him by the hair dragged him onto my cock. I rammed my slimy cock into his mouth and down his throat."Suck boy. Suck my cock, you black cocksucker." I yelled.I didn't let up on him, I just hammered my cock into his throat. Preteen Nudity As I came close, I leaned right over forcing my cock deep into his throat. My large thick load blasted into his throat. Even as I felt my cock starting to wilt I held my cock in his throat. He started to fight for air and I finally backed off. He laid on the ground panting."Wow! That was intense." He panted.I bent over and slipped his leaking cock into my mouth. He blew at once, filling my mouth and throat completely. I had to swallow damn quick. As I sat back smacking my lips, Steven smiled."I like it like that sometimes.""Me too love. My turn next.""Sure love." He giggled."That looked hot Dad." I turned at Onou's voice.His soft cock, covered in cumm and Devine's juices was about two feet from me."And that looks tasty." I leaned forward and sucked Onou's cock. I tasted both Onou and Devine.Onou held my head as I finished sucking him clean and not unexpected he pissed in my mouth. I just swallowed. He pulled back and Devine did the same. Both boys tasted pretty much like water. I guess the beer we had been drinking was working its way through them."Thanks boys, I was thirsty after my workout."Both boys giggled."Anytime Dad." Onou said.With an early wake up, we headed inside. After a good shower we all headed for bed. Steven and I sucked each other off before cuddling down for a sleep.TBC
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